Motley Musings

3 min readJan 28, 2021

Guess who is back with another one this brand new year 2021. We are three weeks in, so maybe not so brand new.

At what point do we stop the new year greetings? I believe they should stop after the first week. There is absolutely nothing new about the year after that. Or perhaps there is. The drama. Global drama is renewed rather often.

We started the year of our Lord 2021 on a rather unusual note. With all sorts spewing out of Club House and the rather fascinating (and might I add, unusual) scenes from the Capitol Building in the USA, the US inaugurations (where the women absolutely stole the show), and of course, the Duke and Duchess of Hastings.

It is lovely to see how excited people get with the new year. To me, it’s just the day after 31 December and nothing more. We do not get “a fresh start” or an automatic reboot. None of that. All we get is a new day, and this is so every day. It is really not a big deal, or it shouldn’t be. However, I will let people enjoy things.

I started writing on Medium in 2020 and I ended up writing just one piece. I am proud of the piece and it is still relevant, especially with the second wave of Corona Virus in Nigeria. Everyone and their moms are getting infected and it is the scariest thing. I wish a speedy recovery to all affected, I certainly hope they recover fully with no long-lasting impact on their wellbeing. I also hope for those that have lost loved ones during this time that they find comfort and strength to wade through what I presume to be an incredibly difficult time.

This year, I have decided to put out as much content as I can. You get better at tasks that you frequently perform. I hope to be a better writer and a consistent one.

This is a motley musing. I will be sharing my unsolicited social commentary.

Let’s start with this lovely photos of balloons I found on the internet.

On the matter of the Duke and Duchess of Hastings.

I absolutely enjoyed the Netflix series. I recently discovered that I love romance. I watched an ungodly amount of Christmas romance movies over the holiday season and I have absolutely no regrets. My favorite character is Eloise Bridgerton. Yes, the Duke is a fine, fine man but my girl E? Solid babe. Closely followed by Penelope Featherington. An underrated character. And finally, the top three and not one or two is the Duke himself.

It was lovely to see the ruse between the Duke and the fair maiden, Daphne, develop into a beautiful friendship. Nothing enviable about the marriage though. Daphne was incredibly selfish and I still cannot for the life of me understand how she was portrayed to be the wronged wife. The scenes from their intimate moments and her display of immaturity and selfishness rubbed me the wrong way. Daphne took advantage of the Duke and that’s that on that.

The hot takes on Twitter will forever be my favorite thing. It is absolutely hilarious to read how people viewed the series. Jack’s app is one of life’s best gifts. Where else do you get news in real-time and absolutely hilarious social commentary to go along with it?

I have learned so much from the app, from relevant information to strange facts and completely useless details of the most absurd things. I have also met beautiful people there and for that, I am grateful.

This has been a lot about everything and nothing. Thank you for reading my musings to the end.

Post Script: I wrote this in the first week of January but I was scared and uncertain about it. I am encouraging you not to be scared of making bold decisions. The world is waiting for your great success!